We are providing comprehensive crew management solutions to the shipping industry. Growing Shipping business has shown that human resource is the most important asset of all. The success of an individual or organization depends on the quality of their people.

Considering the above factor, we provide suitable candidates to our principals to meet their requirements. The selection of the crew is done by us taking into consideration the type of vessel, remuneration, past experience of the candidates on similar type of vessel, etc. Our recruitment process is dedicated to providing crews with maximum expertise and self-sustainable capability. Further more, the entire responsibility of the candidate right from their selection to their placement on board and their subsequent repatriation on completion of tour of duty is undertaken by our principals. Suitable candidate requirements are taken care of by the Principals themselves. Resourcing from an exclusive pool of Officers and Ratings, our overall objective is to provide stability and continuity of personnel, bringing significant benefits to the performance of a prospective client’s fleet. ERICA MARITIME SERVCES is in a position to offer all category of crew and officers with any other nationality.

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